The Coworking Alley: GorillaSpace’s guide to the CBD’s 9 Coworking Spaces Along Robinson Road

There are already 9 coworking spaces along Robinson Road in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD)!  Coworking spaces are popping up along what we have dubbed Singapore’s “Coworking Alley”.  With so many choices nearby and a few more coming up in the next couple months, choosing among all these great options is getting harder.  

Coworking spaces have evolved enormously since the concept was first brought to Singapore 6 years ago with The Impact Hub at Prinsep Street.  Many of these spaces have since upped their tech offer with fiber optic or high-speed wifi, but not all.  Some have curated communities, while others are open to all industries.  Some put effort into work-space design for productivity, while others design for collaboration.  Some hold regular events while others don’t.  How do you pick what’s important for your business?  

It can be hard, but we’re here to help make it easy. Here are our picks for the 9 spaces currently in the “Coworking Alley”:

Good functional workspace: a place to get work done

Workspace @ Keppel

Hot desking area at Collective Works Cecil Street

10 Hoe Chiang Road, Keppel Towers, 089311                   

JustCo Robinson

120 Robinson Road, 068913

JustCo 6 Raffles Quay

6 Raffles Quay, 045580

Collective Works Cecil Street

100 Cecil Street, Level 10, 069532


Great design, premium building: good working environment and set to receive clients 

The Working Capitol                                             

Pool on level 5 of The Working Capitol

140 Robinson Road, 068907      

Collective Works Capital Tower

168 Robinson Road, Capital Tower, 068912

The Work Project

6 Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery, 068815

 JustCo UIC

5 Shenton Way, 068808

Special community: rubbing shoulders with fellow industry peers 

Lattice 80 – Special focus for FinTech companies        

80 Robinson Road, 068898

Reception area and lounge at Lattice80








Regular community events: learning opportunities and networking events

Coffee bar area at JustCo Robinson

The Working Capitol                                      

140 Robinson Road, 068907

JustCo Robinson

120 Robinson Road, 068913



Looking to move your office into one of Singapore’s many coworking spaces? Select and book a visit to your top 3 in the “Coworking Alley” at  


Registering and booking is totally free. No fees – ever!

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